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Upcoming Topics

The following topics are divided into groups based upon my expectation of how I will implement their tutorials. ‘Game-Specific’ tutorial series will reference the other types as needed. Topics will be added to this list over time, and removed as tutorials are created.

Common Concept Tutorial
(single video tutorials offering an in-depth tutorial on a topic used in a majority of games)

  • Building an advanced AI
  • Implementing a character class hierarchy
  • Creating a robust blueprint tree for projectile, instant hit and melee weapons
  • Implementing a basic inventory system
  • Weapon equipping
  • Implementing a stamina system including run and jump
  • Multiplayer Concepts including Steam
  • Creating a climbing engine

Quick Hit Tutorials
(single video tutorials offering a brief look at how a specific topic is implemented)

  • Creating a multi-purpose flashlight
  • Implementing ambient music

Game Type-Specific Concepts Tutorials
(These are series that explain how to create specific game types, or variations of specific game types. These tutorials will reference Quick Hit and Standalone series as appropriate, rather than duplicate content.)

  • Non-Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game in Third Person*
  • 3rd Person Cover Shooter
  • True First Person Horror
  • 3D Platformer
  • 2D Platformer
  • First Person Arena Shooter
  • Point and Click Adventure
  • “I Know Kung-Fu!” in Third Person
  • Hardcore Parkour!
  • Space games including galaxy generator

*The RPG tutorials will also include specifics on implementing Ability/Perk/Buff slots and related attributes, character class selection and enhancement, and more.


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