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Creating A Top Down Shooter With Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

Creating A Top Down Multiplayer Shooter With Blueprints


In this course, I show how to create the basic framework of a multiplayer top down shooter that supports cooperative play online. The idea is not to complete a fully formed game, but to provide a foundation for the learner to understand concepts and to be able to use what they learn to make their own awesome games. This includes setting up extendable weapons, extendable character classes, a basic AI-controlled enemy, sound, music, online connecting and more!


Reason This Series Was Ended Early

This series, along with the 1st/3rd Person series, were both ended ‘early’ due to the regular delays, duplicate topics and other factors that kept prolonging the series as iterations of the Unreal Engine advanced. It was making the series turn into a bogged-down, emotionally-draining event that was affecting the quality of the tutorials. As such, I ended the series early, but remaining topics for both series will eventually be covered in standalone videos. Sadly, it’s all part of learning how to be more successful at teaching others through YouTube.


Experience Level

Beginner / Early Intermediate


Expected of Viewer

  • Ability to obtain rigged, UE4-compatible models
  • Access to sound and music in *.wav format for sound and music cues


Series Checklist

The following items are covered in this series. Items that do not have a checkmark are yet to be covered in a tutorial:

  • Creating a new Top Down Project
  • Creating an Extendable Base Character Supporting Inheritance
  • Extending the Base Character With a Gunner Class
  • Extending the Base Character With a Medic Class
  • Creating an Extendable Base Weapon Blueprint
  • Implementing an ‘Instant-Hit’ Weapon
  • Implementing a Projectile Weapon
  • Aiming in 3D Space
  • Custom Aiming Reticle
  • Creating A Custom HUD
  • Implementing Health, Death and Respawning
  • Use of Sound Cues
  • Ambient Music
  • Event-Driven Music
  • Creating A Basic Flashlight
  • Basic Level Creation
  • Checkpoint Progress System
  • Creating An Enemy Character
  • Basic Enemy AI Specific To This Game (viewers should watch the Common Concepts Basic AI tutorial first)
  • Networking for Cooperative Play
  • Post-Development Refinements



Creating a Top Down Multiplayer Shooter in Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprints)

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