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Creating A Blueprint Zombie Shooter Using UE4, the ‘Generic Shooter Sample Project’, and other Marketplace Packages

Zombie Shooter Tutorial Series Intro Screen


This course uses Michael Allar’s ‘Generic Shooter Sample Project’ as a base for building a straightforward zombie shooter. As pieces are added to the series, additional functionality is added, and integration of other 3rd party Marketplace items is planned.


Reason This Series Was Ended Early

This series ended early due to the vagaries of working with multiple 3rd party dynamic products. As ongoing changes were made to the Unreal Engine, ongoing changes were made to the Generic Shooter Sample Project, and other changes were happening with Marketplace items, it became obvious that there was no way to keep the series in sync and easily moving forward as functionality previously introduced was needing to be readdressed, and things would change even between the time I finished recording a series and was into editing. Because this made continuing the series unworkable without a lot of wasteful effort, I ended the series and determined that any future series would not have a reliance upon any third-party product, and that if I cover a third-party product, it will be in a one-off, point-in-time approach.



Zombie Shooter Tutorial Playlist on YouTube

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