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On Art, Weight Loss, Books & Entertainment – VBlog 0

Posted on May 06, 2013 by Keith

Hey — I made it to a second week of Video Blogging! I really wasn’t certain that I would. Hopefully today’s VBlog is a bit tighter and less full of ‘ummmm’s. I filmed a quick take at the local park, but unless you like the vomit-inducing effect of ultra-shaky-cam, I realized I’d better re-record it! Today I thought I’d talk about a few things that are central to my daily life: art, weight loss, books and entertainment.

Sand Creek Park

At the park by my home.

When I restarted this blog last week, my weight was 418.4 pounds. Today I am at 415. Woo! It actually wasn’t too difficult for a few reasons. First, I pretty much stuck with eating pre-made, frozen Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers meals when it was just a meal for myself. Second, when it was a meal with the entire family, I stuck with good portion control. Finally, I forced myself to get some exercise by going for extended walks a couple of times during the week and taking the girls to the park yesterday for some baseball, kickball and more walking. I even made my personal kryptonite: cookies. Despite the temptation of fresh cookies, I was able to keep the willpower to eat just one. I also made a ‘tracking sheet’ to keep myself accountable. All of that added up to a respectable 3.4 pounds of weight loss. I look forward to continuing the momentum this week.

For the rest, see the video, but here are links to some of the things I discussed:

Crunchyroll – A streaming anime service where you can watch some anime for free on your PC or subscribe and stream it to media devices like the Playstation 3 in order to watch it on a TV.

Funimation – An importer and dubber of anime for many years, Funimation is also responsible for the HORRIBLE dubbing of Ultraman Tiga that was shown on TV many years ago. While I like to watch some of the free streaming anime, I’m not a fan of their dubs at all.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S – Along with ‘A Certain Magical Index,’ Railgun involves the super-science ‘Academy City’ where conflicts between magic and Esper-users occur. This series revolves around the ‘Sisters’ story arc from the light novels / manga. It and ‘Index’ are currently our favorite anime series.

Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos – A very random and energetic ‘harem’ anime involving human-looking personifications of elder deities from the Cthulhu mythos and the Earth teen they live with!

The Fletch Series of Books – Written by Gregory McDonald, the Fletch series of books are not comedy like the movie was. They are played straight, and are my favorite series of books. I highly recommend them for some light reading!

Shoujo Manga Techniques: Writing Stories – I bought this used for Alex, but read it myself as well. It’s a manga that talks about how to write manga! I wasn’t expecting much, but it’s actually quite useful and makes for an enjoyable read.

Comics Crash Course – I picked this up for all of six cents plus $3.99 shipping through a used seller on Amazon. Whiule it has the same ‘basic drawing skills’ that all these types of books seem to have, this one is nice because it speaks more to breaking down a sequence into panels, how to create dynamic layouts, how to use a scripts, and other non-drawing elements of creating a comic.

That’s it for this week’s VBlog post. Now I’m going to go try to relax on the deck and enjoy this beautiful day.  See you later!

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