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Mindless Pursuits

The Mindless Pursuits Forum is Now Live! 0

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Keith

For those who want to discuss Mindless Pursuits tutorials or other game development talks, the forum is now live (see link at top)! It’s a simple, no-frills forum, but if learners start using it, I’ll spruce it up a bit more. Right now, it’s just getting started. Feel free to talk about existing tutorials there, ask questions, offer suggestions for future tutorials and whatever else you feel applies to Mindless Pursuits. Share your experiences with other game development items such as tools, engines, project planning and more!

I’m not one to do a lot of real-time discussion for things like ICQ, Slack, Twitter or the like, so the forum is the best place to get a response from me. See you there!


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