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Working on Video Content 0

Posted on June 14, 2014 by Keith

Space Painting - In Progress

It has been quiet here, as I work on getting some video content produced and plans laid out for the next six months. I had started a new clay project, but then decided that I wanted to use that as an opportunity to figure out my video setup. At the same time, some health-related needs took priority and so I fell way behind schedule and am just getting back up to speed now.

In addition to video content, I am also refreshing my skills with my suite of digital tools and tablet. I’m looking to incorporate digital projects into my overall workflows. I’m also assisting Alex and her friends with their gaming videos, which you can find under ‘Kamikaze Gamers’ on Youtube.

I am expecting to post the first video this week, then try to have a new video every Monday. I’m looking forward to gaining your feedback so I can improve the videos.

Have a great weekend!

Digital Painting Progression – ‘Remote Space’ 0

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Keith

Yesterday I created my first full digital painting, a piece of space art I’m calling ‘Remote Space.’ It’s based upon a tutorial in Geoff Taylor’s How to Draw and Paint Science Fiction Art, though I added some elements that weren’t in the tutorial, such as a nebula and better color variation for the planet.

Remote Space

‘Remote Space’ – Digital Painting

For this painting, I used my Wacom tablet, the default pen, and Photoshop. It took me about 3 hours of total time to complete the painting. The biggest issue I had was tired eyes. After about an hour, my eyes were tired enough that I wasn’t seeing where I was missing detail. I was also foolish and worked entirely with the painting at 1/3 of full size because I wanted to keep it all on screen. I should have gone to 100% or larger to ensure my detail worked well. As a result of these issues, I had to perform some cleanup after I was done. Extra credit for noticing the differences between the video and the image above, as I did the cleanup after making the video.

I’m really looking forward to doing both more digital painting and more space art. I have ideas aplenty, and making them come to life is going to be a lot of fun!

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