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Lots of Tutorials and More Updates Coming!

Posted on July 08, 2015 by Keith

As of this week, I have drafted a social media manager to help me keep this site and my YouTube channel updated! I tend to get so involved in what I am doing, that I never slow down to take the time and update like I always plan to, and my daughter Alex is a social media wiz compared to me, so she is going to handle updates for me so I can continue to focus on what I do best. 🙂

Additionally, I am broadening the scope of my tutorials. I was originally just going to focus on ‘The Embrace’ as a development log, but instead, I want to provide tutorials that are specific to a given game creation topic and/or engine. Rather than post development logs showing the specifics of developing ‘The Embrace,’ I am instead going to begin a series on making a general three-act horror game. Additionally, I am going to provide some reviews of third-party add-ons, videos on how to integrate add-ons, and more as I am able. The first tutorial video (or two) will be going up this weekend and will be the first in the horror game series plus a tutorial on using the ‘Realistic Weapons’ add-on with the awesome ‘Generic Shooter Game’.

Look for more soon, as Alex takes over the reigns!

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