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‘The Embrace’ – Creating My First Horror Game

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Keith
Screenshot from a test level for 'The Embrace'

Screenshot from a test level for ‘The Embrace’

It’s time to finally create my first horror game. After months of playing with game engines, and one could say a lifetime of story plotting, it’s time to produce something. That something is ‘The Embrace,’ a first person psychological horror exploration. In order not to give too much away, I’ll use this generic and cliched description: You are an individual whose significant other has had something happen to them, and as you try to help them, you find that reality isn’t all you might have thought it was… or is it? The Embrace is based off of a story concept that is part of the larger story universe I’ve been developingĀ since I was a younger teenager. For me, it represents a big step forward in many ways: in getting the story told at last, in exploring some themes that have always been of interest to me, in mastering a game engine, in creating art, and much more. Because of this, I am going to be documenting the process from beginning to end.

To be fair to myself and to anyone following this, I will say that I will not cover every step in fine detail. I want to be very careful not to give away spoilers for the game itself. Having said that, I’ll document as best as I can, knowing that production of the game (and other life stuff) comes before the posting about it! I’m also going to look at creating videos where it makes sense.

While I will be creating a fair amount of game assets, I am also leveraging content created and sold by the larger gaming community for royalty-free usage. Without doing so, I’d have no hope of pulling all of the art together in a timely fashion and it would be too overwhelming! An additional note is that I am working on a couple of other projects as well, one for my teaching curriculum, and another for smaller game development. The Embrace will receive the bulk of creative time, but those other projects are very important to me as well, especially the teaching curriculum, and so I may take a week here and there just to ensure I keep to my schedule for those as well.

Finally, feel free to ask me any questions as we go. I’m still a newcomer to all of this, so I may not be able to answer, but I’ll do my best! See you int he next post! šŸ˜‰

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