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Learning Experiment: Manga-Fusion Style

Posted on May 01, 2013 by Keith

Random Manga Fusion Girl

Isn’t she cutely deformed? This is my first experiment in attempting to drawing using the style referred to by some as anime-/manga-fusion. I admit that I didn’t put a lot of effort into it, as I did it just before going to bed Monday night, and I was already tired, but in keeping with my intent to draw something new every day, I wanted to get something done. My guide for this attempt was an example in Christopher Hart’s Drawing Cutting Edge Fusion: American Comics with a Manga Influence. I’m not actually a big Hart fan as I find his books to be bland and repetitive, but I found this book used and most of the examples aren’t drawn by Hart so I found it more compelling.

Another book I have that I like but haven’t followed any examples out of yet is Andy Smith’s Drawing American Manga Superheroes (Used bookstores can be your friend!). I find it to be a much better book for overall completeness, but started with the Hart book because it was still on my nightstand, having just gotten it.

My ultimate goal, like so many comic fans, is to eventually make my own comic. I already know the characters, the plots, have bits of dialogue written and even a universe guide as I’ve been developing these characters since high school. I just can’t decide what art style I want to focus on for them so am eagerly trying out multiple styles now that my drawing is improving. Sometime this week I’ll sit down and work on another manga-fusion example but spend more time on it. I look forward to seeing the difference between them!

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